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Business Description 

Mindhak is a internet and technology-based company providing online services in the rapidly expanding market of helping people connect with others over the internet. Our business consists of creating and operating online technology platforms to help people find individuals/businesses with whom they are seeking to connect with. We are able to create and maintain, in a cost-effective manner, websites intended to appeal to users of diverse cultures and interest groups to accomplish our goal. 

We continue to drive the state of technology forward, developing industry-leading solutions enabling faster, more efficient delivery of content every second to customers worldwide. Our Company is committed to enhancing its technological capabilities and thrives on a sustainable growth trajectory built on innovation and excellence.


Our Mission

To deliver a world-class portfolio of entertainment experiences and IT solutions to a global customer base, utilizing our expertise to drive innovation and build new solutions exceeding customer expectations.

Corporate Office

Mindhak, Inc

115 Wilcox Street Suite 220

Castle Rock, CO 80104

Phone 303 777 5400